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Sichuan Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen Liu Xiaolin: Chinese Sentiment of a chic and young business elite

Date : 2013-01-23 14:23:00

Sichuan Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen Liu Xiaolin: Chinese Sentiment of a chic and young business elite


Guo Xiaolin: Chinese sentiment of a chic and young business elite

As Senior Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, Senior Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Business Federation, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Expo Chamber of Commerce, Executive President of Shenzhen Mianyang Chamber of Commerce, Senior Vice Chaiman of Shenzhen Shajing Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the 19th Division of Shenzhen Lion’s Club, Guo Xiaolin is not only a business talent in the business circle of Shenzhen but also a prominent entrepreneur dedicated to the Chinese cultural construction. 

People living on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have the common rote and same bloodline. At the time of China’s first Year-end Fellowship Banquet of the Entrepreneurs on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits, Guo Xiaolin, the executive director of the activity, told us emotionally about his Chinese sentiment. 

Taiwan and Mainland China are a family to promote the cultural exchange together

Taiwan and Mainland China are closely related with thousands years of the Chinese history, celebrating the traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival, which fully attests the fact that we are from the same origin and enjoy the common national feeling. “One thinks of one’s dear ones far away more on festive occasions than ever”. No descendant of the Chinese nation can separate himself/herself from the complex of the traditional Chinese festivals. At the same time and on the same festive occasion, the identification with the national culture, the memory about the national history and the emotion of kinship would be aroused. “Over the sea the moon shine bright, wherever we are we share the moment together.”

The traditional festivals is not only the bond but also the heritanceof the Chinese culture which is deeply rooted in the mainland China. And the culture of both the mainland China and Taiwan is actually based on the same culture matrix from the same source. Therefore, the Chinese culture is the spiritual garden and emotional bond shared by the compatriots across the Taiwan Straits. 

“I know many entrepreneurs from Taiwan. We regularly particulate in some activities to enhance the communication and studies. I myself also have paid a lot visits to Taiwan, communicating with the local entrepreneurs based on friendship. The get-together  of the entrepreneurs across the Taiwan Straits co-organized by Shenzhen Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, Expo Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen Taiwan Business Federation as well as Dongguan Taiwan Business Federation is just supposed to enhance the communication and mutual studies between the local and Taiwan entrepreneurs , facilitate the cultural exchanges between them and promote the traditional Chinese culture so as to co-establish the spiritual garden for the Chinese people.” Guo Xiaolin passionately remarked the significance of China’s first Year-end Fellowship Banquet of the Entrepreneurs on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits. 

According to Guo Xiaolin, the promotion of the profound and time-honored Chinese culture should be the obligation of every Chinese entrepreneur who is expected to exert positive influence on the society and pass on the positive energy to the public. The excellent culture, as the foundation for the Chinese people to stand steadily in the world and the spiritual garden for the people across the Taiwan Straits, should be the subject of that positive energy to be transmitted to every corner of the world. 

Grinding a sword in a decade, we never cease to struggle

 Guo Xiaolin, with his past experiences, interpreted well the spirit of “While the universe keeps rolling, a superior person should pay untiring efforts for improvement”that has been passed on among the Chinese people for thousands of years. Entering the office of Guo Xiaolin, we immediately saw a wall of photos of him with Ma Yun of Alibaba, Li Yanhong of Baidu and Wu Xiaobo, the famous writer on finance and a desk of books, newspapers, magazines of various kinds. Besides, a large collection of books are standing neatly in the big bookshelf behind his desk. “Despite my busy schedule, I will try to squeeze some time to study. While others are asleep, I am still by my desk.”  

Over years, Guo Xiaolin, motivated by “perseverance makes success; learning makes advancement; diligence makes achievements”as his motto, never stopped learning, whether he was an apprentice in the die making shop with the salary of 100 Yuan, having to hide in the tomb and live in the shelter because he had no temporary residential permit or he spent 9 years promoting from the supervisor to the general manager after he was “invited” by his boss later, and even during the time when he carved his own career by developing and producing the Beauty Bar which created the sales miracle with the sales volume of 2.6 million pieces in only half a year in Japan. Within only five years, his company, Kakusan just succeeded in becoming the lead of the industry. Actually, staying late into the night studying has been a routine for Guo Xiaolin. 

It is due to the spirit of constant self-improvement that Guo Xiaolin, a young man from the village of Mianyang, Sichuan, became a special talent tempered by the special land of Shenzhen and a legendary entrepreneur. “I am always on the go, studying ceaselessly with eternal passion.” When he was only 19, he was competent for lathing, benchwork, milling and planning. “Since I started working in the die making shop, the boss successively fired the original die making workers because I can replace them all.” After 9 years of efforts without asking for any reward, he finally won the trust from his boss who had him manage all his business.  

Even As the owner of various brands including Kakusan health industry, Zhenxiqi cultural industry, Taonile E-business and Zhonggaocheng Investment, Guo Xiaolin has never stopped studying for one day. He was admitted to Qinghua University President Class and Qinghua Artwork Investment and Appreciation advanced training class and acquired Master of Business Administration at Ursuline College. At present, he is pursuing the double doctor degree of Business Administration and International Law. 

With collection as the inheritance of the Chinese culture

Besides his business, Guo Xiaolin is also good at calligraphy, photography and collection. In his office, there is a dedicated room carpeted with his copybooks for calligraphy. The ink brushes of various sizes hang beside the desk and his collections are displayed at one corner of the office. His works of photography can be seen everywhere in his company. “I have been practicing calligraphy for dozens of years. Besides that, I am also keen on photography on which I have spent almost 20 years.” 

He acts as Executive Chairman of Mianyang Contemporary Artist Association. 

Guo Xiaolin has his own point of view about collection. According to him, every collection has its unique cultural connotation, as the manifestation of the national wisdom and cultural accumulation, delivering the information such as the customs, etiquette and economy of the times it belongs to. Collection is the perfect representation of the history and the best inheritance of the Chinese culture. For example, the evolution of the couch in the ancient times can reflect the changes of the sitting postures of people: the ancient people were used to sitting on their knees on the wooden couch and it was the habit of the northern ethnic group to sit with their feet hanging downward. Hu Bed (Bed of the northern minority people) was introduced from the Western Regions during Tang Dynasty. Later the scent couch on which the women sat with their feet hanging downward for scent and keeping warn evolved gradually to the round four-feet sitting furniture. Besides, whether the Kaolao round-backed armchair popular in the late Tang Dynasty or the chair with back but without arms on the paintings of the Northern Song Dynasty serve best as the proof for the Chinese cultural customs.

A collection actually provides us with a window to understand the 5000-year history of China. Guo Xiaolin thus feels fully obliged to inform more entrepreneurs and collection fans about collection as the self-cultivation and improvement of their appreciation level. Therefore, he launched Chinese Entrepreneur Collection Association in order to spread the history-honored Chinese civilization, promote the Chinese history and culture of collection and facilitate the development of the Chinese culture of collection. 

Writing delivers ethics; people with goodness always go farther

Guo Xiaolin embraces the generosity of “consideration about the public”. He who was born in the mountainous region in Mianyang, Sichuan liked helping people around him when he was very young under the influence of his parents, determined to be a person beneficial to the people and the society. At college, he worked as the cadre in the students’ union, actively participating in the students’ affairs to help his schoolmates and teachers. 

When he was just arrived in Shenzhen, he would invite his folk people to watch Sichuan Opera every Spring Festival, although he could only earn 100 Yuan every month. That practice he has been insisting on because as for him, Sichuan Opera would not only deliver the festive merriness to the people in his hometown but also present the folk art and transmit the Chinese culture. 

Today, he is particularly passionate about the public welfare on culture construction to show his concern for the younger generation. To provide the children in the rural area with a better study environment and better pass on the Chinese culture, he successively funded to aid the schools in the poverty-stricken areas, for example Hunan Xinhua County Qiao’an Hope Primary School, Heyuan Zijin County Guishan Primary School and Heyuan Ruyuan County Sanyuan Zhentai Primary School. 

Guo Xiaolin has his own insight about how to support the public welfare. In his opinion, the charity does not require a lot of money; the key is to be dedicated. Sometimes, a small effort like a smile or a gesture can also help people. 

Guo Xiaolin is so enthusiastic about the cultural promotion that many people in the business circle regard him as “not attentive to his own business”, but he never cares about it because as for him, the undertaking of the social responsibility is the duty of the entrepreneurs. In his speeches he expressed several times that the entrepreneurs should not only try to be the main creator of fortune but also the advocator and upholder of conscientiousness and morals. That is one way to promote the traditional Chinese culture. 

Thus, Business Utopia II, the book he co-authored as “ a person not attentive to his own business” is soon to be published. The originality and entrepreneurship of the Chinese medium and small-sized entrepreneurs will then be presented to the world, as the brilliant stroke for the business culture. 

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