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Congratulation on KAKUSAN Winingthe 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”

Date : 2013-08-22 14:44:00

On 8th August 2013,the seventh session China Brand Festival was declared open in Beijing , which was jointly held by China Brand Industry Alliance and China Chamber of International Commerce and supported by China General Chamber of Commerce.Li Wuwei, the Vice-chairman of 11th Committee of the Political Consultative Conference, Hou Chunyun, Deputy Director of Development and Research Center of the State Council, Feng Bing, Vice Executive Chairman of China Enterprise Confederation, Ai Feng, President of China Brand Industrial Alliance and other relevant leaders have attended the activity. There are more than 1000 well-known brands such as Toyota, Sany Heavy Industry, Li-Ning,Peak,SanYuan, Mengniu Dairy, Moutai and Fenjiu Group etc participating in the conference.

On 9th August afternoon, Award Ceremony of 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”was held in Search Hotel. It is honoured as the “Oscar Award” of Chinese Brand Circle. The award-winner list of Gold Spectrum Award is officially announced. KAKUSANlives up to expectations of the public and wins the 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ” of facial beautification appliance industry, which is another leap in the development process of KAKUSAN brand. It also indicates that, through four-year brand accumulation, KAKUSAN’s market influence and brand value have been highly recognized.

Congratulation on KAKUSAN Winingthe 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”

Congratulation on KAKUSAN Winingthe 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”

Congratulation on KAKUSAN Winingthe 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”

Congratulation on KAKUSAN Winingthe 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”

Congratulation on KAKUSAN Winingthe 2013 “Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ”

“Brand China Gold Spectrum Award ” is a industrial brand award of highest standard, largest scale and greatest influence in present China. It is the highest award which is offered by Brand China Industrial Alliance and represents the accomplishment, influence and rallyingpoint of top brands in our country. Through comprehensive assessment of the industrial position, brand purchasing power, brand vitality, influence of consumers, brand’s sense of social responsibility and other multiple indexes, the brand with best annual performance in the industry is selected and awarded.Enterprises winning the award are unanimously acknowledged by both the market and the experts for the prominent economic and social benefits created by them. As the first platform to promote “ branding of Chinese brands and brand China Industrialization”, it is of highest authority, impartiality and influence. 

Candidate enterprises should enjoy the following several basic conditions : 

1.It must have self-owned brand, enterprise has a clear plan for the construction of self-owned brand system. Products’ core technology, main products should possess independent intellectual property rights.

2.brand influence: the brand has powerful influence in industry or area. Its brand performance is in a constantly leading position in industry or area. Or it proposes groundbreaking ideas in brand construction and has certain international influence.

3.Brand Innovation: that is to say, the brand enjoys favorable and continuous innovation capability, being recognized by the consumers.

4.Social Responsibility: integrity operation, sticking to the market operation principle of “openness, fairness, impartiality”,being enthusiastic in social public welfare undertakings and paying attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Since its establishment,KAKUSAN has laid emphasis on its brand construction and has a clear and definite plan for brand’s development. It pays close attention to products’ development, innovation and protection of independent intellectual property rights. So far, KAKUSAN has possessed more than 100 patented products and exceeding 140 registered trademarks. KAKUSAN has appeared on the CCTV for two consecutive years, becoming the first brand in the industry to appear on the stage of CCTV. It is broadcast successively in CCTV-1, CCTV-4, and CCTV-NEWS. It make in-depth cooperation with Japan Baodao, HongKongSASA,OLAY, Excellence Group, and Alibaba etc. In addition, it was awarded the title of Alibaba “2012 Brand Supplier”. Meanwhile,the development story of  KAKUSAN brand has been successively included in works such as  New Bosum Spirit, Decade Development History of Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises etc. KAKUSAN has become the famous Chinese Network Brand, the largest Chinese manufacturer of facial massager, No.1 brand of Chinese facial beautification appliance. The gaining of Gold Spectrum Award ” is well deserved.

We believe that KAKUSAN will create better achievements in the future so as to win more respects for Chinese self-owned brands and contribute to the early realization of "China dream"

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