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Wonderful Visit of Heyuan!!

Date : 2016-05-16 15:33:30

On the New Years Day of 2011About 200 staff of KAKUSAN had a visit of Heyuan.
8 oclock in the morning,4 big buses are prepared to start.

WanluLake-----The Ecologic Lake of South China

Wanlulake located in Dongyuan Town,Heyuan City,Guangdong Province.She was so named because all the year around she will always be in the beautiful Jade green. She also has the features of grand scene,pure water, peaceful appearance and poetic prospect.For these special feature,She got many honors:
Honored as “National Forest Park¡±in 1993”.
Honored as “Environmental Education Field Base of Guangdong”in 2001.
Honored as “State AAAA-class tourist area”in Aug,2002.
Honored as “one tourist of The most influential natural scenery brand and the most attractive place”in 2006.

It was 10:30,they came to the Gragon Island and JingHuaYuan.
Dragon Island was honored as Auspicious Island.It is one of the most beautiful and peculiar island in Wanlulake.
The landscape of JingHuaYuan
Its name can be derived from a novel called¡±JingHuaYuan¡±written by Li-Ruzhen who was a famous  novelist in Qing Dynasty. According to the novel,Heyuan is the birth place of all the flower fairy.And in actual ,the unknown place(which was Heyuan later)happen to have the same beautiful scenary as the noveled JingHuaYuan,so people name it as ¡°JingHuaYuan¡±.From then on,it became the source land of so many fantastic stories. 

Gui-mountain Scenary
Gui-mountain always has the honor ofKindom of Plant,Kindom of Animal, Tourist Paradise .It also is the idealistic landscape for urbanite traveling.


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