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Development History

1.2009 Establishment of KAKUSAN SilicaGel Electron and KAKUSAN Science and Technology Corporation, building up R & D base and production base as well as brand marketing system, establishing Zhong Gaocheng investment and development company, engaging in real estate development, investment and property management.


2.2010 establishing cooperative relationship with Japan Baodao Press, there are 2.6 million beautybars sold in Japan within a half year.

Establishment of KAKUSAN, Taonile E-commerce company, building up retail channel
Landing CCTV for the first time and becomes the first brand in the industry to land CCTV


3.2011 Landing CCTV for the second time, the brand value being improved

Obtaining more than 40 patents and exceeding 140 registered trademarks

Construction preparation of KAKUSAN Building in Huizhou



4.2012 wining the name of Alibaba“ 2012 Brand Supplier”

Creating the Facial Beautification Appliance Website, integrating industrial resource

Construction preparation of KAKUSAN Health Industrial Park in Huizhou


5.2012 wining the name of Alibaba“ 2012 Brand Supplier”

Creating the Facial Beautification Appliance Website, integrating industrial resource

Construction preparation of KAKUSAN Health Industrial Park in Huizhou


6.2014 obtaining more than 140 patented products, exceeding 300 registered trademarks


7.2015 Being granted the tittle of “Shuangai ” enterprise demonstration point and “Trusted Merchant”

Establishment of precious, rare and special cultural museum, being the first museum of Shajing


Diyifei Science and Technology Company, engaging in the UAV aerial photo business

Corporate Environment

1.KAKUSAN research and development as well as production center(picture of KAKUSAN building).

KAKUSAN Building


2.clean and neat manufacturing workshop (picture of manufacturing workshop) environment (picture of venture building )




Health Industry ( Shenzhen KAKUSAN Science and Technology Co., Ltd),

Silica Gel Hardware (Shenzhen KAKUSANSilica Gel Electronics Co., Ltd),

Cultural Industry (Shenzhen precious, rare and special cultural industry investment Co,. Ltd),

UAV Aerial Photo (Shenzhen Diyifei Science and Technology Co., Ltd),

E-commerce (Shenzhen Taonile E-commerce Co., Ltd),

Real estate and property management (Shenzhen Zhong Gaocheng Investment and Development Co., Ltd).


Group Advantages

1.Powerful R&D ability

KAKUSAN enjoys a R&D team of high quality and abundant experience. Large amount of research and development fund will be invested every year in development and research, persistently pursuing the development peak of science and technology. At present, the company has possessed more than 140 patented products.


2.Strong production strength

KAKUSAN enjoys professional manufacturing workshop and advanced production, packaging workshop. It is equipped with advanced production equipment and professional operators so that it can produce personalized or customized products in accordance with customers' requirement


3.Strict quality management system

(1)The quality of KAKUSAN products is strictly complied with requirements of Japanese Clients. All products are certified by 3C, CE, etc and obtain the relevant certificates.

(2)Only after trial production of new products and and repeated test and in-service use simulation within a half year, when the standard procedure for qualified inspection and production is set, can the new products appear on the market.

(3)Key components of KAKUSAN product choose high-quality and reliable brands, every component has passed the national certification and stood the test of time.


4.Global internet sales model

(1)In China, famous brand in similar beauty instruments in the whole E-commerce network, entering a number of E-commerce platforms.

(2)Since 2014, KAKUSAN started to set up counters in supermarkets of first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Next, it will expand to various major cities across the country .

(3)In foreign countries, it is sold in global network platforms such as Amazon and Japan Lotte. The products is sold in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Europe and America etc. The sales volume of single -type beauty bar within a half year in Japan arrives 2.6 million, creating a sales mythology.


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