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Kakusan forms scrupulous operating system on development, production, distribution, after-sales service and other aspects with "continuous improvement and constantly striving for perfection" as the quality policy, and users demands as the basis, wining the support from the majority of customers, also it ranks at the leading position of the same industry, becoming a professional facial beauty tool production factory in China and the first brand to board CCTV broadcast in the industry, which means that the brand value and market influence of Kakusan has reached high industrial level.  


 [Independent development professional team]

In China, Kakusan possesses its own manufacture and research base, and the factory is fully implementing standard control, a complete system is formed from assembly manufacturing to finished product inspection; it undertakes OEM of plastic, silica gel, beauty Instrument, massager, beauty roller, beauty tool and other products at home and abroad as well as hardware processing manufacture of lathe, mill, highlight, drill press, ultrasonic, CNC, grinder, EDM and other precision moulds; on after-sales aspect, we have formed standardized Flow, providing clients service and assistance the first time all the time. Today, the company has more than 140 patented products, more than 300 registered trademarks, and sound design, development, production and sales system, enabling us to reduce production cost significantly, thereby giving our cooperators huge profit margin!


 [Advanced Equipment  Innovative Technology]

Our company is fully equipped with high accuracy of machining, fast speed and high degree of automation and other characteristics. The factory implements standard control, forming a complete system from assembly manufacturing to finished product inspection. 


1, possessing a professional CNC processing plant

2, NC drilling machine OEM processing; 

3, high-end optical processing equipment; 

4, precision CNC milling equipment;


5, ultrasonic OEM professional factory--many R & D products of our company are subject to this manufacturing procedure, with reliable quality. Undertaking ultrasonic processing from outside, the ultrasonic processing technique has the following advantages:high accuracy,good clean,no residue and high efficiency! There are also EDM machining, OEM machining, electrical sparkle OEM, sawing bed machining hardware cutting machine, aluminium product cutting machine and so on. 


 [Online and Offline Combination of FB2C New Model]

Kakusan proposes the latest model of FB2C(Factory+Business To Customer), using the main business model of factory self-development production, enterprise e-commerce and network marketing and facing customers directly, integrating the whole industry chain of healthy product, proposing the (Customer), building Kakusan fashion and fitness kingdom registering trademark to open up the design and production industrial chain from end consumers to the source and make efficient communication with the whole market. 


Interiorly, Kakusan has already entered Tmall, Jingdong, JUMEI, Taobao, Tencent Okwei, The store 1, Amazon, Suning and other major online shopping platforms! At the same time, from 2014, Kakusan began to open counters in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and so on, and then expanded to major cities of the country . 


At abroad, it sells on global Amazon, Rakuten and other network platforms, exporting to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe and America and other places, among which a single beauty roller has a sales volume of 2600 thousand pieces for half a year, creating a sales myth. 


Cooperation with Premium Brands  Quality Guarantee

After recent years of continuous development and progress, the card is still cool, respectively, L'Oreal, YSL, Taiwan, MTG, Hong Kong SASA, Bonjour JIYO, Olay, Jono doctors and many other brands to establish friendly and cooperative partnership, 


During cooperation, we have won the deep recognition of the customer. 


Our Service Process


1, preparation

Communication and cooperation (full understanding of customer needs)

Market research (make market research based on customers' demands, sales department consults with research and development department and supply department to make internal meeting)  

Clients confirming new product concept

The two sides signing cooperation contract 


2, program implementation

Drafting product archives →customer confirming document delivering the document to the design department 

Developing new products → clients confirming new products → stability test, skin irritation test, package material compatibility test  

Packaging design → clients confirming design → sending the design draft to the supply department  

Searching packaging material → confirming packing materials to be adopted→ drawing a design based on the adopted design combined with packing materials


We provide you with one-to-one beauty tool OEM / ODM production service: one-stop service from the trademark application to the finished products, so you can easily have your own brands. 


Specific Process of OEM  

1, the professional R & D personnel make full investigation of market demand, and  communicate with clients about their demanded quantity, product production requirements and so on;

2. submitting the product functional requirements and related data requirements;

3, drawing up the initial product solutions for customer to evaluate;

4, confirming the raw materials and packaging of products, customers give feedback to confirm programs or development plans.

5, project costs (the cost of raw materials, the cost of filling and packaging material, packaging, printing cost, transportation costs, etc.) accounting and pricing;

6, Both sides reach a consensus and sign a cooperation agreement. 

7, product model confirming and placing orders for production. 


Use your brand and we process it for you! 

Use your sample, and we process it for you!

According to your recipe,and we process it for you! 

According to your packaging or semi-finished materials, and we pack and process for you! 


As a leading OEM brand in China, we can develop various product, to ensure a rich product category, and also high quality. Kakusan quality is the cornerstone of your success! 


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