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According to "Chosun Ilbo", a survey showed that 86% of people thought that "the beautiful appearance is competitiveness." Everyone longs for beauty. With the continuous development of physical beauty, there are increasingly more people improve their skin condition through physical beauty, to enhance self-image. Kakusan uses the latest innovative technology, to make continuous research and development of "original" beauty tools", which has become a good helper of the female to pursue beautiful appearance,  leading the trend of beauty appliances in Japan, Korea,Europe and America,etc., and becoming essential household beauty face instrument, so that the majority of women can enjoy the best cosmetic result! 


[Independent Development  Professional Team]

In China, Kakusan possesses its own manufacture and research base, fully implementing standard control in the factory, forming a complete system from assembly manufacturing to finished product inspection; nowadays, it has over 140patented products,300registered trademarks and perfect design, development, production and sales system, enabling us to reduce the production cost significantly, thereby giving our partners a huge profit margin! 


 [Advanced Equipment  Innovative Technology]

Our company is fully equipped with high accuracy of machining, fast speed and high degree of automation and other characteristics. The factory implements standard control, forming a complete system from assembly manufacturing to finished product inspection. 


1, possessing a professional CNC processing plant;

2, NC drilling machine OEM processing;

3, high-end optical processing equipment;

4, precision CNC milling equipment;

5, ultrasonic OEM professional factory--many R & D products of our company are subject to this manufacturing procedure, with reliable quality. Undertaking ultrasonic processing from outside, the ultrasonic processing technique has the following advantages:high accuracy, good clean, no residue and high efficiency! There are also EDM machining, OEM machining, electrical sparkle OEM, sawing bed machining hardware cutting machine, aluminium product cutting machine and so on. 


[Cooperation with Premium Brands  Quality Guarantee  Customer Approval]

In recent years, with continuous development and progress, the Kakusan has established friendly and cooperative partnership with L'Oreal, YSL, Treasure Island, MTG, Hong Kong SASA, Bonjour JIYO, Olay, Dr.Ci:Labo and many premium brands. During cooperation, we have won the deep recognition from the customer. 


[Japanese Sales Champion Designated Suppliers of Japan and South Korea]

Our products is highly attractive with advanced, stylish, high-quality features, mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and America, which is one of the beauty face instrument supplier designated by Japan up to now, among which the beauty bar won the "Japanese sales champion" in 2010, creating a miracle of selling 2.6 million pieces in half a year! 


[What Can We Offer You?]

Development of new products;

Design and development of new product;


High-quality products; 

The most competitive price. 

We are engaged in OEM of plastic,silica gel,beauty Instrument,massager,beauty roller,beauty tool and other products at home and abroad, as well as hardware processing manufacture of precision moulds such as lathe, mill, highlight, drill press, ultrasonic, CNC, grinder, EDM and so on. And we have formed a standardized process on after-sales aspect, to provide timely service and assistance to customers all the time! 

Use your brand and we process it for you! 

Use your sample, and we process it for you! 

According to your design, and we process it for you! 

According to your packaging or semi-finished materials, and we pack and process for you! 

As a leading OEM brand, we can develop various product, to ensure a rich product category, and also high quality. Kakusan quality is the cornerstone of your success! 


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