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After-sale Service

1.Service System

As brand enterprise of facial beautification appliance industry, KAKUSAN has always regarded “service” as its life so as to establish the whole-course service system containing quick pre-sale service, powerful on-purchase service and perfect after-sale service. Pre-sale : Sticking to the philosophy of “survival on basis of quality, development on basis of reputation”, providing basic knowledge about products to the consumers and popularizing correct and healthy concept of facial beautification. On-purchase: after gaining attention of consumers on basis of high-standard and high-quality products, KAKUSAN will communicate with consumers to understand the product which actually suits them and guide their choices. After-sale: establishing exclusive customer service center.     

2.Dedicated and Professional Service

KAKUSAN enjoys a dedicated, highly efficient and high-quality team to provide after-sale service. When selecting the after-service employees, the standard is based on whether they can observe the service concept of “Customer satisfaction is our constant goal. ” At the same time, they will receive strict and professional training from company. Professional answer, sincere smile and mild tone are eternal signs of them.

3.Quick and Sensitive Response

KAKUSAN provides 24-hour online customer service and consultation system to provide professional answers to clients’ questions. At the same time, there is 24-hour response service hotline, 400-6216800. Once receiving calls from customers, careful communication, making coordination and arrangement, trying their best to meet the client’s requirements of quick service.


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