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Product orientation 

The concept of “physical cosmetology” advocated and insisted on by Kakasan aims at changing the skin conditions in essence by physical means. Since establishment, Kakusan has developed and produced a series of domestic beauty apparatuses based on the specialized cosmetic techniques including RF cosmetology, ultrasonic cosmetology, photon skin care, ion derivation, micro-current infiltration and Germanium ion cosmetology, integrating science, technology and fashion perfectly with the individualized streamlined appearance design to present a gift to the young ladies pursuing youth-staying with its natural, safe and zero side-effect physical health beauty product. The dream of the young women to enjoy the specialized skin care at home will be realized. 

In future, Kakusan will make constant improvements and innovations based on the “people-oriented” concept by investing more to the product research and development and sparing no efforts to facilitate the development of physical cosmetology industry. 


Market opportunities 

With the introduction of high-tech and rise of the concept of physical cosmetology, the era of the chemical cosmetology is passing by and more and more technological beauty products have been emerging in the life and family of people. The physical cosmetology devices which are both safe and side-effect-free, requiring no constant investment like the chemical beauty products to maintain the effect, can be enjoyed for a life time after the one-time input. 

Therefore, the future will belong to the technological cosmetology, the products of which will eventually occupy the market of cosmetology with great vision. 


Distribution advantages 

Kakusan has achieved the high level within its industry in terms of both the brand value and market influence. It has conducted deep cooperation with Alibaba and awarded the honor from Alibaba of “2012 Brand Supplier”; It has been reported in two consecutive years by CCTV, advertising on CCTV1, CCTV 4, CCTV-NEWS successively; it was awarded 2013 Brand China Gold Spectrum Prize and Asia’s Famous Brand; in 2015 it was awarded the honors of “Double Love Enterprise Pilot Unit” and “Business with Integrity”. Mr. Guo Xiaolin, the founder of Kakusan has been awarded “Bao’an’s Top Ten Network Businessmen” and “China’s Top Ten Brand Innovative Figures”. Meanwhile, the story about Kakusan as a successful brand has been included in the business works such as Bosum, New Bosum Spirit, Record of Ten-Year Legends of the Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Bao’an Enterprises.


Product advantage

1.Independent research and development, patented products: All the products of the company are researched, developed and produced independently and the company has applied for patent protection for them. Now Kakusan boasts to have more than 150 patented products. 

2.Made in China with Japanese quality: The product quality of the company has acquired the high-degree recognition from the customers from countries including Japan. Besides, the company has established cooperative partnership with various famous brands such as Baodao, MTG, Shisedo, Olay, YSL, Hou and L’Oreal. 

3.Resourceful product research and development team: The company owns a research and development team with excellent educational background and rich experience.

4.Strong product production capacity: The company is well-equipped with specialized workshop and advanced production and packaging workshops with state-of-the-art production devices and operators, which is a solid proof for the strong production capacity of the company. 


Management advantage 

1.A complete set of standardized store operation and management system has been established by the company, providing for the distributors with a series of close-fitting services from site selection, store establishment, opening activities, goods distribution and promotion to operation, management, customer service, staff training, operation analysis and profit elevation. Thus the store operation will be made easier and the franchisees of the company do not have to take pains to perform the systemized management.

2.At the same time, a complete set of virtual shop Wechat shop operation and management system has been established by the company to provide the distributors with the supports with trainings on the store-opening procedures, store decoration, store drainage, store activities and after-sale services. 


Distribution earnings 

1.Distribution earnings

To distribute the products in the real shops, the headquarter will offer the lowest price to reduce the operating cost; 

For the virtual shops and WeChat shops, the headquarter support the delivery of at the lowest one piece of goods to reduce the investment and create zero risks; 

The headquarter is responsible for the design of the publicity items required by the retail shops for business opening and planning the promotion campaigns according to the business circle of the retail shops as well as issuing the promotion scheme and items to the retail shops. Besides, the promotion products will be supplied to the retail shops at the cost price to achieve low-cost promotion for the retail shops. 

2.High yield 

Acquiring the all-sided support from the headquarter and providing regular operation tutorship involving the key profit-making nodes; helping the distributors to improve their profit-making capacity to increase the dominant profit of the franchisees. 

3.Regional protection        

To ensure the competitiveness of the retail shops in the local market, no other chain stores will be allowed to be opened 600 meters within the operating range of the first one. 

4.Customer resources 

The distributors can get access to the member resources of the chain stores throughout the country.

Distribution conditions: 

1.Real shops

The real shop agented by the distributors is a long-term project requiring short investment period, moderate cost and bringing high reward. The project can effectively reduce the investment risks of the distributors. Once the application for it is successful, the distributors can not only acquire various service supports from us but also a stable profit-making opportunity with our “chain” brand. 

If you want to be our chain partners, you should satisfy at least the following requirements that would ensure your success: 

(1)With legal operation qualification, active attitude and persistence to the faith; 

(2)Identifying with our concept and culture, having confidence in our brand and wishing to develop with us together; 

(3)The agents should have the investment capacity of over RMB 100,000 Yuan and business experiences as well as operation and management ability. 

(4)The agents are expected to develop a long-term business with steady revenue, wish to establish long-term partnership with the brand to expand the market. 

(5)The agents should follow the operation and management regulations of the company and acceptthe systematic training and tutorship provided by the company. They are expected to have favorable service awareness and high service quality. 

2.irtual shops and WeChat shops 

(1)The distributors should have their own virtual shops and be familiar with the simple web operation. 

(2)The distributors should have the capacity and experience to operate the virtual shops and promote. 

(3)No credit is required for the virtual shops. (We welcome the fledgling virtual shops to participate.) 

(4)The distributors should ensure the prompt goods updating and racking and observe all the protocols in our contract. 


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