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Shenzhen Taonile E-commerce Co. , Ltd. 

[Shopping Happiness Shopping Joy]

Shenzhen Taonile E-commerce Co. , Ltd. is committed to the building of terminal sales channels of "Kakusan" brand products, including the operating management of online shopping mall and below-the-line chain stores. It also established two websites of beauty tool and face thining tool, building a e-commerce platform for peer enterprises, integrating intra-industry technology, information, data and other resources to serve the enterprise to promote the development of the whole industry. 


Supplying Products

The main products of Taonile E-commerce includes:heat and cold beauty Instrument, electric massager, 24K beauty roller, double-end beauty bar, creativity humidifier, massager, beauty Instrument, beauty roller, beauty bar, humidifier, massage pen, thining face stick, powder puff tool, weight-reducing shoes, tester, Ge particle stick, Ge particle stick, titanium germanium necklace, titanium germanium decorations, computer accessories, skin care products, face thining tool, slimming instrument, silica gel product, vanilla essential oil and so on. 

[FB2C new model]

Kakusan president Xiaolin Guo proposed the latest model of FB2C (Factory+Business To Customer), Business-to-Customer is abbreviated to B2C in English and  "商对客" in Chinese. "Business of the customer" is a model of e-commerce, which is often said as retail merchandising, facing consumer directly to sell products and service. This form of e-commerce is mainly network retail trade, relying mostly on the internet to carry out online selling activities.

online selling activities 

Kakusan uses the main business model of factory self-development, production, enterprise e-commerce and network marketing and facing customers directly, integrating the whole industry chain of healthy product, proposing the latest model FB2C (Factory+Business To Customer), building Kakusan fashion and fitness kingdom, registering trademark to open up the design and production industrial chain from end consumers to the source and make efficient communication with the whole market.

Interiorly,Kakusan has already entered Tmall, Jingdong, JUMEI, Taobao, Tencent Okwei, The store 1, Amazon, Suning and other major online shopping platforms!At the same time,from 2014, Kakusan began to open counters in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and so on, and then expands to major cities of the country .

At abroad, it sells on global Amazon, Rakuten and other network platforms, exporting to Japan,Korea,Singapore,Europe and America and other places, among which a single beauty roller has a sales volume of 2600 thousand pieces for half a year, creating a sales myth. 


Electronic Technology

Shenzhen FUAV Science and Technology Ltd. 

[make the first aerial photography UAV in the hand of the public]

Kakusan's subordinated Shenzhen FUAV Science and Technology Ltd. makes professional production and processing of multi-rotor UAV, whirlybird, toy plane, aeromodelling airplane accessories and other products, with complete and scientific quality management system. 


FUAV is committed to the development of intelligent UAV systems and visualization system and other high-end technologies, to provide partners with UAV products of high performance and high efficiency. Our company has possessed many UAV design patents and copyright on the system software of flight control system and loading equipment in the field of unmanned system. The products are used in aerial photography, industrial monitoring, efficient agriculture, freight logistics and other fields. At the same time, it can offer the clients customized service of UAV to meet their commercial demand. 


Taonile distribution

"Kakusan" beauty appliance brand product under Kakusan has gone through market research, product design, development, production, marketing, sell and after-sales service and so on. In order to accomplish the process from leaving the factory to user purchasing, external resources such as distribution network will be used to accomplish sales service, and make distribution management of this process. 


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