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Cultural Industry

Shenzhen Zhenxiqi Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd.is affiliated with Kakusan Group, which is an integrated enterprise with the main business of precious, rare and exotic cultural industries. Zhenxiqi takes revitalizing Chinese traditional art, promoting contemporary culture and art development of China, promoting the culture and art appreciation level of Chinese entrepreneurs as its own duty, mainly engaged in the brand operation of cultural industries with widespread impact in the country integrating art collection(Zhenxiqi Cultural Museum), classic artwork appreciation training(Zhenxiqi Art Collection Academy), collectors' club(Entrepreneur Collectors' Club),website operation.

Zhenxiqi Cultural Museum

Taking classic artworks as the main body, with the purpose of "high-end, international, professional, standardized" inheriting and continuing, condensing the treasure. Mainly collecting and showing all kinds of antiques and paintings and holding contemporary famous expert painting and calligraphy works exhibition periodically. The displayed products include bronze ware, stoneware, jade article, painting and calligraphy, ancient books, intangible cultural heritage, jewelry and other competitive products, aiming to build a professional and classical classic artwork display platform in multi-faced, multi-angle and diversified ways.


At the same time, Zhenxiqi Cultural Fair holds art collections identification platform with the theme of "appreciating the value for collection" to meet the demands of entrepreneurs and collectors of their understanding and investment collection of classic artworks:

Zhenxiqi Art Collection Academy

Zhenxiqi Art Collection Academy is a private non-enterprise unit established by Shenzhen Zhenxiqi Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. through legal application in Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. It abides by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policy and social morality, taking the revival of Chinese traditional art, promoting the development of contemporary culture and art in China, promoting the culture and art appreciation level of Chinese entrepreneurs as the aim, becoming a collection counselor of art lovers is the goal the Academy is continuously walking toward. 


To improve the aesthetics of participants, popularize art collection knowledge, promote cultural development, and promote the rapid integration of entrepreneur, collectors and contemporary culture and art industry. Shenzhen Zhenxiqi Art Collection Academy carries out researches on various collecting culture and art and holds art collection forum in accordance with the law, and conducts corporate collections and art investment auditorium periodically. 


Entrepreneur Collectors' Club

Entrepreneur Collectors' Club is a membership system high-end club with entrepreneurs as the main group around curio art collection. Club members can have a reunion and communication, as well as hold various collecting relevant identifications, auction, exhibition and presentation, consignment, lectures and proseminar and other activities, with the collection involves precious work of art past dynasties, such as calligraphy and painting, ceramic, jade article, sundry and modern crafts with very high collection value. 


Strategic cooperation partner of the club includes dozens of trade association organization including China Council of Lions Clubs, Tsinghua Student Association, Bosum Association, Qingyihui Chinese Art Platform, Shenzhen Sichuan Chambers of Commerce, Shenzhen Mianyang Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Shajing Chamber of Commerce and so on. 


At the same time, it combines cultural organization, museum, art gallery, well-known universities, endowment for the arts, social culture organization, news media, collectors etc. to cooperate with international culture and art organizations, makes communication to learn from Chinese collectors through holding academic exchange, lectures, collection of refined and so on, and introduces the Chinese culture to the world, and makes the global culture enter China. 


Entrepreneur collection network

Chinese entrepreneur collection network (www.71sc.cn) is a network platform subordinated to Zhenxiqi Culture, and also an official website of Chinese Entrepreneurs Collection Association. Entrepreneurs collection network aim to provide a professional network collection service platform fro free communication, discussion, learning and sharing mainly for entrepreneurs! 


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